Project Management
Sometimes owners have moved on and don't want to or don't have time to make improvements on their properties. This was the case at 207 River Falls. They had moved on to their dream home and were busy with their business. They asked TWEAK to handle everything to get their property ready to sell. According to the agent, you have to win the "beauty contest" to sell in this neighborhood. The house was 16 years old and needed a lot of updating. The owners told me the budget and left the rest up to me.
I made the design plan, hired the subs, managed the project and even provided photography. The house is about 4000 SF. We finished in about 5 weeks.
 We even had to fix the driveway. The builder had built it over a VERY LARGE ROCK that had to be removed before we could fix the drive. (Cars scraped badly when entering and leaving.) We then stained the drive to blend the old concrete with the new. Replacing the entire drive and walk would have cost $5000 more!
Some of the issues.....
Outdated flooring and lighting, dark walls in some rooms, nice views that needed to be highlighted, overly mature landscaping, steep driveway slope, cracked walkway to front door.
Improvements included:
New flooring, lights, wall color, granite countertops in kitchen, new laminate in master bath.
We did a few things that didn't cost money (they actually saved money) that improved the house alot: removed window grills to provide better access to lovely views. (then we didn't have to paint them. Also looks more modern.) Removed carpet from stairs to find that entire step was finished. filled, cleaned and conditioned. Added hidden hinges and painted kitchen cabinets, rather than replacing. Selected new lighting in bronze tones to blend with existing brass hardware so we didn't have to change every doorknob. We did change almost all cabinet knobs however. Changing cabinet hardware is just too easy and inexpensive not to do it. It's like adding new jewelry to an old outfit!

House was under contract in 2 months. This neighborhood has a 4 year supply of houses and over 30 houses on the market.
House was under contract in 2 months. This neighborhood has a 4 year supply of houses and over 30 houses on the market.
This is a townhome in Inman. The homeowner agreed to TWEAK handling the transformation that this condo needed. We agreed on a budget and went to work. We replaced carpet in the living room and on stairs, replaced a few lights and the stove hood, painted 2 rooms and the foyer, and rewallpapered the baths.  It just went on the market. MLS # 1191977 (December 2009)

UPDATE!  This townhome is now under contract (2-12--2010) and will close later this month. 
Townhome Transformation!
The kitchen had dark hardware and peeling paint on the cabinets.  The lighting was not suffiecient and without stools, buyers may not remember that the bar could be used for seating.
We touched up the cabinet paint, replaced the knobs and painted the hinges. A new fixture added needed light.
We also painted a more neutral color.
This powder room off the kitchen was PINK! We neutralized with wallpaper, updated the lighting and mirror.
The living room only required cleaning and new carpet.  We added new accessories and drapes to add some wow.