This is a great example of how powerful effective staging can be. It's  near Cherrydale on Covington in Greenville SC. It had been on the market for 6 months with little interest. The new agent hired TWEAK  to get involved with a consultation and report. The homeowner had to leave, so Lisa and the agent handled all of the transformations in 4 days.We used only the homeowner's furniture and furnishings. Only one room was completely repainted. We  finished Nov. 3. It went under contract Nov. 20 and has now closed. The buyer's agent was the previous listing agent. The buyers had seen the house previously and didn't want to buy. He showed it to them again after staging and they made an offer and house was sold. This is a great example of what a difference staging can make. And it's much less expensive than price reductions.

Paint is a wonderful thing!!!!

This lovely home reflected the owners' love of color. The dining room, foyer living room were Pink. The kitchen was mint green and the master suite was lavender.  While suiting the owners just fine, it wasn't going to appeal to most buyers....and they realized that.  TWEAK was called by the agent before the house was listed. I recommended paint colors and even a painter. After the color changes were made, we replaced some of the dated lighting and staged using mostly the owner's items.
This neighborhood has a 4 year supply of houses. This house was under contract  in 26 days!
The light fixtures in the dining room and foyer were fine except for the bright shiny brass finish. Rather than spend hundreds replacing, we removed the fixtures and spray painted them in a bronze finish.
The breakfast area received new paint of course and a new light. We then brought the round table from outside (chairs too). Round tables are much better for staging. And we're never afraid to bring outdoor furniture indoors.
Master (or Owner) Suites need to be sexy!
We countered the lavender wall color by using dark brown bedding and curtains. It helped to add some masculinity and chocolate is very trendy.  We also added wall mounted lights (which matched the chandelier in the breakfast area) and moved the chest from the foot of the bed to the side wall and added pillows.