Sometimes, after a staging consultation and implementation by the owner, the house sells before we can get the 'after' pictures. This home in Willow Creek, Greer, had been on the market for about two years. The fifth agent decided to send in TWEAK to offer some staging advice. This home was not in need of repair or improvements. It was just too personalized. Too much fine furniture, too much art, too many accessories. There were also portraits of ancestors displayed prominently. Lisa provided a detailed report about what to leave and what to take out. Since there was an open house in a few days after staging, Lisa gave the owner a 'Top 7 List' of things to do first. The next showing a few days later produced an offer and a contract.

TWEAK Home Marketing Solutions can provide a full range of services for home sellers. One of TWEAK's  clients is an investor who uses an auction model to sell his investment houses. Lisa is called as soon as a house is identified to do a consultation. TWEAK then provides staging with furniture and accessories, photography, flyers, mailing lists, and marketing assistance. All for an investor friendly price. Properties have sold within a week to 4 weeks using this system.

Many older homes do not have the closet space that buyers often want. In this house, we took existing closets and modified them with closet kits from a home improvement store. Note bedroom closet. Also, the master bath had a huge second linen closet that we turned into a clothes closet which gave the master suite the much needed dual closets.
Some rooms NEED rugs to define areas or ground a room.  Other times a rug can make a room seem smaller. This very large living room had a very large rug. Removing it made the room lighter and more spacious. 
This Simpsonville homeowner was a dream of a client for an agent and a stager. He took the staging report, studied it, called in friends to help and went to work. He even insisted on doing a bit more than I recommended. He was that convinced of the importance of properly presenting his home on the market. He had already taken a job out of state and needed to MOVE quickly. He neutralized the colorful walls in the dining, hall, and master bedroom. Put in some new carpet in the dining room and living room. He left what I asked him to leave and packed up the rest. I then spent a day rearranging furniture, art and accessories. I only used the owner's items.
The house was put on the market April 2 and under contract April 15. Sold for about 97% of list.
This home is in Botany Woods in Greenville. It had been the family home for many, many years. Now the family wanted to sell. The agent quickly called me in to consult. The house needed some updating to appeal to younger buyers, but without major renovation. I recommended some paint (living room, dining room, kitchen, powder and 2 baths) and some new lights (breakfast area, kitchen,hall, front stoop). I also went through the entire house and asked them to leave certain things for staging and they removed the rest. I only had to bring in some bedding and a few pieces of art.
I finished staging on Thursday. Snowed on Friday and Saturday. Open house on Sunday. House under contract on Thursday.