Vacant Staging
This home has a very open floor plan. In fact all those "sunroom" windows made it feel a little too open. Perched on a small rise, the house looked out over several rooftops and neighbors' yards. However, in the distance was a beautiful view of a mountainous ridgeline. The solution was an unobtrusive translucent window covering that allowed light in and kept the view of the ridgeline in tact while diminishing the rooftops.  It cozied up the room immediately without losing light.
This spacious bath seemed cold and sterile. Staging with a few dramatic accessories invites house shoppers to imagine themselves enjoying it's  features.
This was the view that welcomed house shoppers on arrival. Can you say echo chamber???
After staging, shoppers are invited in by glimpses of color. Artwork gives shoppers eyes something to focus on and helps define spaces.