Vacant Flip House
Investor had completed the updating and called for TWEAK to stage. The living room, kitchen, master bedroom, baths, deck and front porch were staged.

In the living room, the fireplace wasn't centered on the wall. This made the room feel unbalanced. We added a wooden bookcase to help balance the room and furniture to show placement. Vacant rooms look smaller than furnished rooms. Now this room shows how it can easily be a sitting and dining area. This house also has a bonus room.

TWEAK added the shelf and mirror in this small bath.
TWEAK finished staging this house in late December. House was under contract March 23 at about 98% of list price.
This was such a fun project. There's a CREEK that runs UNDER this house. I called it Falling Waters of Greenville.
The house had been taken back to almost studs when I arrived. I worked with investor to suggest improvements. One of the best was removing the wall in the breakfast room to the small porch. Now you can enjoy seeing your creek run under your house while you eat!
The baths and kitchen were completely redone. We had fun in the kitchen. Using a glass theme to mimic the "water" theme of the house, I used glass shelves next to the larger window, a glass stove hood, glass mosaic tile, and recycled glass light fixtures.

This powder room had some bad wall damage. To save time and money, rather than redrywall, I applied a textured finish with drywall mud, then painted a watery color.
TWEAK commissioned a local young artist to complete some artwork just for this foyer.
This was the wall in the breakfast room that we removed. Now the room has fabulous light on 2 sides.
Investor Condo Needed to MOVE
On the market for several months, investors decided it was time to try something different. Three other similar units on the market. TWEAK staged and provided Photography. Sold in 3 weeks.