For Homeowners, TWEAK offers TWO Great Services!

If you are selling........ need to present your house in the best possible position on the market. Even if you have cleaned and decluttered and depersonalized, it's almost impossible for a homeowner to truly see her house with the cold critical eye of a buyer. TWEAK offers consultations to homeowners if you are working with an agent or selling yourself. Even if you are just thinking about selling, a consultation from TWEAK provides a reality check on what would be needed to achieve your goals on today's market. Lisa keeps up with the Upstate real estate market, which helps her provide truly effective staging for each particular house and neighborhood. She can even provide a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for your property that includes overviews of your market, properties currently on the market and houses sold recently and for how much.

Consultations start at $150 and include a detailed written report specific to your property.
If you are not working with an agent yet and want to learn more about listing options, TWEAK can give you guidance on many different ways to sell your house.

If you just moved, combined households, inherited some furniture, downsized, or just want a fresh look without spending a lot of money......
...TWEAK offers redesign services. Working with the furniture that you already have, TWEAK can bring a fresh approach to your living spaces. After a careful analysis of your lifestyle, space needs, budget and timeline, TWEAK will help you redesign your space to better serve your needs  and reflect your personal style. Prices vary and start at $50 for a brief visit. You only pay for the time spent at your property and shopping if needed.
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Don't wait for your agent to be responsible for the condition of your house on the market. In today's market, it is often a "beauty contest." TWEAK offers a consultation with written report that helps you know what needs to be done, as well as how to achieve it most economically.
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To find out more about how to help your house sell, find helpful articles on FPR about staging.

Residential Home Owners in the Upstate of South Carolina may be eligible for a No Charge 1 Hour Staging Evaluation and in some cases, additional Home Staging Services as well. To find out if you are eligible, please submit the form from the button below.

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Remember, shoppers FIND your home logically (location, price, school district, good photos). However, they decide to PURCHASE  based on emotions. Staging helps your home appeal to a broader audience of shoppers and will better position your house to satisfy the emotional needs of your buyers.