When should a house be staged?
Ideally, a house should be staged before it's put on the market. However, later is better than never. If your property is showing and it's priced right and you're not getting offers, staging is definitely indicated.

How about vacants?
If your property is vacant (or should be) TWEAK can provide just enough furniture and furnishings to best highlight the home's strengths (and minimize the weaknesses). Often, the furniture can be offered for sale with the house.

Do you have examples of your work?
Take a look at the Portfolio page on this site. Lots of before and afters and case studies.

Who pays and how much?
Smart agents choose to include a Staging Consultation and Report as part of their marketing plan. It's deductible as a marketing expense for agents. Or the agent can refer the stager and have the homeowner pay or they can split it. Return visits for staging are usually paid for by the homeowner.
TWEAK Peek...Visit and Brief....$50
Consultation and Report....$150 and up
Vacant staging will vary by property and starts at $300.
Photography starts at $85

What about Lisa being a SC licensed real estate agent?
Lisa is a licensed SC agent. However, she nor anyone associated with TWEAK will ever list or attempt to list any property referred by another agent. You can have that in writing if you want.

TWEAK Offers Presentations for Agents
TWEAK will be happy to come to your office. Presentation topics include:
How to Work With A Stager
Why Should I Stage?
The Where, When, How, and How Much of Home Staging

All classes will include a free virtual staging of a participant's listing.

TWEAK Returns to GGAR
I will be returning to share a host of staging and selling secrets with agents at the Greater Greenville Association of Realtors on Friday Jan. 14 from 2 to 5. Here's the subject.
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"Will Your Listing Get A Date?"
Listing a property is much like online dating. Poor pictures and copy, unexplained spaces and clutter lead online shoppers (94% of buyers) to click away. With so much on the market, shoppers are quick to say "next".  Make sure your listings get those dates (showings). Lisa Harrison of TWEAK Home Marketing Solutions provides insight and education about the secrets you need to know to get your listings married off (sold).
Homes sold in the Greenville MLS in 2010 using these methods averaged 47 DOM after staging.  
   Do you have a client that needs FREE STAGING???
TWEAK can now offer you a way to have that "dog" listing improved without costing the seller any extra cash. 
Since I hold a license, I can refer the property to you to list or relist. The referral fee can cover the staging and improvements. WIN - WIN - WIN
The house sells, the seller loves you for making it happen and gives you referrals, you get a check (smaller is better than nada) and TWEAK gets another success story.
Call to discuss. 864-506-5939
What Does It Costs NOT to Stage
For Agents

How to Work with TWEAK
When you have a seller that needs staging guidance, just call me with their contact info. I will contact them to set up an appointment to view the property. Rest assured that I will always respect your clients and professionally communicate to them and to you the needs of the property.    I can work within any budget and price range.
The decision not to properly prepare a property prior to listing can be costly. Following is a link to an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to illustrate. Just plug in your listing price, DOM, carrying cost, price reductions, staging cost and the seller's net will be calculated for you.
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