Owner and founder of TWEAK, Mona Lisa Harrison, began  working in the merchandising industry when she was 15. With a degree in merchandising, she worked in retail visual merchandising for department stores and boutiques and trade shows. She also has a B.S. in Textiles (Clemson) and Associate in Engineering Technology and is a student of fung shui.
Meet  Mona Lisa

Lisa named her company TWEAK after working in the Information Technology field for a while. To 'tweak' something means you make some changes to an existing program or whatever to make it perform better. That's what staging is all about--making changes to a house to turn it from a home to a house on the market that will appeal to the target audience.
"I've never met a house that didn't need TWEAKing" says Lisa. "It's impossible to see your own home as buyers see it."
For Homeowners, it's amazing what a day of TWEAKing can do for your home. Working with your existing furniture and furnishings, Lisa can transform your space into a more functional, more attractive area.

For real estate agents, working with a professional stager offers many benefits. The stager gets to deliver the often difficult messages about a property and helps to simplify the steps needed to get the house ready for market. The stager can even take over the whole process. The agent is delivered a great product to sell and stays friendly with the owners.
Why Stage?
The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) conducted a study on properties that were professionally staged from Jan. 2007 to Feb. 2008 and found remarkable results.
Locally TWEAK has some pretty amazing results too. For example, one prominent agent uses TWEAK to stage all of his team's listings. Of listings staged  from April to November,  two were still on the market (Nov). The average Days On Market (DOM) for the rest was 18 and the averaged selling price was 98.6% of list price. Average DOM for this market during this time was about 100.
Selling a home quickly is a challenge in today's market. Staging is essential to attract buyers on the internet. TWEAK also offers well composed and properly lighted photography so your property looks it's best online, where most buyers start their search.  Search through this site to see pics and more info about how effective TWEAK staging can be.
 Lisa has worked  also as a designer, communications specialist, marketing director, photographer and real estate agent.  With this background, she is perfectly suited to offer you intelligent and effective staging and marketing for your property. TWEAK staging is much more than bringing in a sofa and some towels, Lisa identifies the strengths and weaknesses in each property and works to build emotional touchpoints for the buyer and diminish objections."So much of what I do is psychological, from getting a buyer to connect with the  lifestyle of a property to convincing a seller to pack up her collectibles (or take down the holiday lights in July). Effective staging occurs first in the mind.
 "Staging for over $55 Million in Property"

   Lisa has consulted on over $55 M of real property. From $80k condos to $850k estates and every price point in between, Lisa has a keen sense of seeing properties as buyers see them and how buyers should see them. Lisa has also provided apartment and condo model staging and decor for  properties in North and South Carolina.  She has been featured on radio real estate shows on 106.3  WORD and 1320 WIS. She has been featured in the Spartanburg Hearld and taught staging at GGAR - Greater Greenville Association of Realtors.
   She conducts classes in home organization, staging, and downsizing for various organizations.  Having lived most of her life in South Carolina, she has a good understanding of local real estate. She is always  aware of a client's goals, time and cost restraints and skills. Her evaluations are guided by those things. She's also fun to work with!

                                   STAGING BY THE NUMBERS

10-17% The difference between the selling price of staged vs. unstaged homes. On average a staged home will sell for 10-17% more than a home that has not been staged. (Source:  U.S. Housing and Urban Development) 

98%   The percentage of buyers who use the internet as a screening tool for home buying.  Staged homes will stand out most to these buyers. (Source: National Association of Realtors 2007 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers)

10%   The percentage of buyers who can see a home's true potential!  If your home isn't staged, only 1 out of every 10 potential buyers will be able see beyond what's there and imagine how they would make it theirs. 

10-15   The number of seconds it takes for a buyer to form an impression about your house and decide whether or not they are really interested.

91%   The percentage of real estate agents that recommend home staging. (Source: 2007 HomeGain survey of 2,000 real estate agents nationwide)